Service Times: Classic at 9:00am | Contemporary at 10:45am


In accordance with the meaning of the word and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church. The task of the deacon is to assist the pastoral staff in performing pastoral responsibilities. They shall be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church and in the bonds of peace. In consultation with the pastoral staff and leadership teams, they are to consider plans for the constant effort and progress of the church in all things pertaining to the saving of souls, the development of Christians, and the extension and growth of the Kingdom of God. The deacons shall be persons qualified for service as set out in 1 Timothy 3.

Our current Deacons are:

Dr. Kay Brown - Chairman
John McFarlane - Vice Chairman


Rotates off 2018  



Rotates off 2019 

Rotates off 2020

 Larry Adwell


 Daryl Blohm

 Tom Bennett

 Kay Brown


 Mack Brown

 Mike Byers

 Ryan Forbis


 Jason Hart

 Terry Cole

 Rick Green


 Bill Johnson

 Mike Harr

 Dave Griffith


 Scott Langley

 Jacob Johnson

 Marlin Jiranek


 John McFarlane

Dr. Marshall Johnson

 Scott Mooney


 Ryan Peace

 Tim Peace

 Kevin Ray


 Chuck Waters

 Phillip Pike

 Tom Williams


 Bradley Willcox

Greg Smith

 Kent Williams


 Howard Williams